World of Guns Game Review

World of Guns is a game that combines fun and education for firearm aficionados. It offers virtual space where you can tinker with different firearms and explore their functionality. This game features two modes: Disassembly and X-ray. It also includes Notifications and Cache data.

Disassembly mode

World of Guns Disassemble Mode is a game mode in which you can disassemble a gun to learn how it works. To do this, you will have to select pieces in the correct order. You will be timed on how fast you can complete the process. Your score will be recorded locally and online, and you can compete against other players in high-score tables. The parts are usually assembled in a logical order, but sometimes they are ordered based on their safety limitations.

The World of Guns Disassemble mode has over 25 different gun models. It allows you to see each part of the gun in great detail. This feature is similar to field strip mode, but with more detailed information. This mode also allows you to operate the gun by firing it and sliding moving parts. You can even apply different filters to better understand how the gun functions.

The World of Guns Disassemble mode is a free-to-play video game that lets you disassemble and operate various types of firearms. The game features different modes for learning how to operate firearms, including easy and hardcore modes. It even features a high-score table, 10 shooting ranges, and a paint mode.

X-ray mode

World of Guns’ X-ray mode allows the player to explore the internal mechanics of a real-world firearm. It provides complete control over the camera and additional viewing options, including a “trainer cutaway” view and several slow-motion settings. With this mode, players can explore the internal mechanisms of a piece, and even disassemble real weapons using an integrated tool.

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The X-Ray Engine includes an artificial intelligence engine that allows the game’s characters to have a complete life cycle. This AI engine supports over a thousand characters in the Zone (a 30km-wide exclusion zone surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant). These non-player characters are non-scripted and have their own full life cycle. This means that you can expect them to be as realistic as possible, so you won’t feel like you’re playing a computer simulation.

Cache data

If you are experiencing errors in the World of Guns game, you may need to delete the game cache data on your computer. Sometimes this cache data is corrupted over time. This can cause issues such as freezing or slow loading of the game. In order to clear the game cache data, you need to do a few simple steps. Firstly, open the Task Manager. Then, right-click on the app you want to close and click End Task.

Secondly, you should take a photo of the completed cache from a distance. This photo should include at least three bearings to invariant objects. Do not double the distances; instead, make them memorable. You should also make a record of the distance between the cache and reference objects.


When it comes to the World of Guns game, you have to be careful about your notifications. They can lead to problems for your gameplay. One such thing is the fact that you might not be able to close them. If this happens, you must check your data connection first. Secondly, you should avoid entering your login credentials in an inappropriate way. Also, if you have several notifications, you must check the settings of your third-party social networks.

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There are several bugs in World of Guns. One of them is the fact that the slide of a pistol does not lock back when out of ammo. Another is that you cannot stabilize your rifle with your off hand. The developers of the game are currently working on a solution for the issue.

A Redditor is quite upset about the bug. He theorizes that the bug is a result of the game being developed for the consoles. As a result, many are calling for a true next-gen version of the game. A faster rendering speed could make all the difference.


The World of Guns app offers a variety of game modes and a lot of realistic details. The game simulates real firearms and allows players to cut, fire, and disassemble them. You can even race against the clock to complete challenges. Currently, more than 190 different models are available.

In addition to the free online version, you can also play other games in the Guns’n’Glory series. These games are RTS and tower defense games based in a zombie-infested future. They’re also available on Steam, and many of them are free! Other games that are similar to World of Guns include Kingdom Rush, Clash of Clans, Bloons TD, and Fieldrunners.

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