Tales of Zestiria Silver Key

The Tales of Zestiria silver key is a vital item that helps players complete sidequests. It is a valuable item for players who wish to find the Lord of Calamity. It gives players an increased Max HP and gives them a buff. It is located in the Tintagel Ruins.

Sidequests in Tales of Zestiria

Aside from finding treasure chests, Tales of Zestiria also has sidequests you can complete. There are different types of sidequests, and each one has different rewards for completing them. For example, you can complete a sub-quest to rekindle the blessings of the town. Or you can complete another one to visit the town of Elysia. And you can even take on an optional boss in each map and dungeon.

Location of silver key in Tintagel Ruins

In Tales of Zestiria, you’ll find several chests and keys scattered across the world. One of these keys, the silver one, opens a chest with Horns fashion item inside. It’s worth finding this key if you’re a fan of this game.

This key is located in the Dweller Camp. You can find it near the Obscure Reference House and the Caravan of Poom. You can also find it near the entrance to the Dankwater Cavern. It’s hidden in a pond near a statue.

The silver key can be found at three different locations. The first is near the Mercenary Camp, where it’s hidden behind a stacked stack of logs. The second is at the lookout, near a gnome. You can also find it near the Gold Door near a tree and fence line.

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Earning a grade in game with silver key

There are two ways to get a grade in Tales of Zestoria. The first is to complete the game. This will give you access to higher grade content. You will also be able to unlock a lot of Boons, which will increase your experience level. The second way is to earn the silver key. You can do this in the final dungeon in the swamp area.

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