Tales of Zestiria Mimic Farming Tips

In Tales of Zestiria, you’ll need to earn Grades to progress through the game. You can earn Grades by farming items and completing quests. You’ll also want to equip Gald, a stealth item that increases your Grades. This item helps you get the best Grades while multitasking and is very valuable when it comes to advancing through the game.

Gald is a way to earn Grade in battles

In Tales of Zestiria, farming for Grade is not the only way to farm for items. There are several ways to earn more Grade without spending a ton of time. One of the best ways is to use a skill called Bao Xiang Fu Huo. This skill increases the amount of Gald you can earn when you replenish treasure chests. It also increases your damage against enemies of higher levels.

In Tales of Zestiria, the Lords of the Land are a major part of the game’s progression. Each Lord of the Land has a different level. When you fight for the Lords of the Land, every Grade you earn goes towards the Lord of the Land whose territory you are in. Each Lord of the Land has a level that determines how much Grade you’ll earn at the end of the Ex New Game.

It’s a stealth item

In Tales of Zestiria, you can use a stealth item called a Mimic Veil to transform into objects in the area. This item is reusable, and will save you from being detected by your enemies. To obtain the item, you must travel to Stormveil castle, which is located in the Limgrave region.

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It’s a way to earn Grade in battles

If you’ve been farming Tales of Zestiria Grades, then you already know the basic method. You should always avoid losing your character, as this will reduce your total Grade. The first death will lower your Grade by 50%. After that, the remaining deaths will only reduce your Grade by 25%. However, if you can win a battle without your character dying, you can earn a small bonus.

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