Fidel Dungeon Rescue Achievements

Getting fidel dungeon rescue achievements will unlock new playable dogs and give the game a different feel. Two of the dogs, Ghost and Centipede, are quite different from Fidel and are unique in their own ways. They each have different game modes and hidden challenges. The game levels are also randomly generated, so players will sometimes find themselves in a completely new area with new monsters.


Fidel Dungeon Rescue is a puzzle-crawler and roguelike that plays fast and smoothly without any filler or grinding. The pixel graphics are charming, and the game’s soundtrack is excellent. You can unlock the achievement by defeating all Minions in the fourth level of the normal game. Then, if you want to play the game in a more challenging way, try the secret level. Bombing a smoking rock, snuffing a candle, and exiting a portal are also ways to complete this achievement.


Fidel Dungeon Rescue is a dungeon escape game that lets you save an old lady from the depths of an underground dungeon. The game features fifteen levels that are randomly generated, and each level consists of a variety of traps and monsters that you must avoid or destroy to reach the exit. There are also medical kits, coins, and leash blocks that you must use to help your hero progress.

Getting achievements

Fidel Dungeon Rescue is a fun puzzle-crawler that lets you play as a cute puppy and navigate your way through a maze of deadly dungeons. The game is similar to The Witness but has a much bubblier personality. The game is also highly interactive and will leave a trail for you to follow so you have to plan your route carefully and avoid getting stuck.

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Getting a high score

There are a number of ways to get a high score in Fidel Dungeon Rescue. Some of them can be achieved on your first playthrough, while others require you to play the game several times before completing them. You can get 3 bonus XP for killing three enemies in a row without breaking.

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