Endless Legend Emperor Edition Review

In this article, we’ll talk about what this game offers, where you can buy it, and what add-ons are available. We’ll also talk about the price and whether it is available for PC or Mac. But first, let’s review the game. It’s an action-packed role-playing game that’s perfect for anyone who’s fond of fighting monsters.


Endless Legend Emperor Edition is a free to play game with multiplayer modes and add-ons. Set on the continent of Auriga, the game takes place in a fictional universe that is similar to Endless Space. To make the experience even more unique, there are a variety of DLC packs available. The Classic Pack adds new content to the game, while the Emperor Pack provides additional in-game items.

The Minor Factions of Auriga add-on offers 23 new quests for players to complete and further expands the lore of the Minor Factions. The game also offers seven new tracks for music, which are available for purchase through Steam. The Add-On also adds new heroes to the game, such as the powerful Helth-Elf, the fierce humanoid Skull, and the avian warriors, the Hissho.

PC & Mac version

The PC & Mac version of Endless Legend – Emperor Edition is compatible with the Windows Steam Client. It also supports Linux systems. Steam Proton allows you to run Windows games on Linux, although the development of this feature is still early. The PC & Mac version of Endless Legend – Emperor Edition includes the game’s new spaceship, the Refreezerator. It also adds the new hero Kreyang to the hero cast.

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Endless Legend – Emperor Edition is available for PC and Mac. It adds a new spaceship, “The Refreezerator,” to the game’s repertoire, and unlocks new gameplay modes. It also includes the new character, Kreyang. It can be bought separately or in a bundle.

Where to buy

The Endless Legend: Emperor Edition is an expansion pack for the game. This expansion adds new characters and items, such as Ice Wargs and Namkang. It also features the unique trait “A song of only ice.” If you already own the base version of the game, you can upgrade to this edition using your existing Steam or launcher account. However, you should be aware of the different methods to get the game key. While official shops get their keys directly from the game developer, keyshops obtain theirs from unknown sources. They usually sell Endless Legend – Emperor Edition keys at a much lower price than official shops. But keep in mind that purchasing from unofficial resellers will not support the game developers.

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